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Spring Campaign Launch

Branding | Gamification | Art direction

In this campaign, we dove into the world of Kat Maconie, a renowned London-based designer whose eponymous brand is synonymous with feminine elegance. Renowned for their distinctive blend of graphic silhouettes and vibrant hues, Kat Maconie shoes exude a unique allure. Our focus is on their Spring Collection campaign, where an innovative gamification strategy takes center stage, captivating the attention of the discerning Gen Z shoppers. Join us as we explore the intersection of fashion and gaming, uncovering how Kat Maconie skillfully harnesses this approach to engage and enthrall the next generation of style enthusiasts.

Tools used

  • premiere-pro
  • illustrator (1)
  • photoshop
  • photoshop-lightroom
  • indesign
  • Blender_logo_no_text.svg
  • figma_logo_icon_147289
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