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Editorial Design

Content writing | Typography | Illustration | Editing

Zine design is a captivating art form that thrives on the pages of self-published, independent magazines. Combining creativity, graphic design, and storytelling, the following zines are my individual expressions of their unique perspectives while exploring two diverse topics. From hand-drawn illustrations to innovative layouts, zine design celebrates the beauty of alternative publishing.

Pioneering Heroines

"Reel Revolutionaries: Pioneering Feminist Women in Period Dramas," a heartfelt and empowering zine that explores the profound influence of courageous female characters in historical settings on the growth and identity of a young brown girl. This zine not only celebrates the strength and resilience of these remarkable women but also reflects on their impact and the significance they hold in today's world.

Every aspect of this zine, from its meticulous editing and layout to the carefully curated selection of shows and movies, has been thoughtfully designed to create an immersive and enlightening experience. Each page is a visual feast, blending captivating imagery, compelling narratives, and insightful commentary to showcase the journey of these pioneering feminist women.


This unique project combines the timeless charm of hand-drawn illustrations with the precision and versatility of digital art techniques. Within the pages of this zine, you will embark on a visual journey through the captivating world of Benedict Cumberbatch's characters and his magnetic on-screen presence. Each illustration is a testament to the my deep admiration for Cumberbatch as an art muse, capturing the essence of his diverse roles and his undeniable charm.

The artistic process begins with intricate hand-drawn sketches, where every stroke is a deliberate effort to encapsulate Cumberbatch's features, expressions, and the nuanced characteristics that make him such a captivating performer. These initial sketches serve as the foundation for the digital refinement that follows, as I bring their illustrations to life using cutting-edge digital art software.

Tools used

  • illustrator (1)
  • photoshop
  • indesign
  • photoshop-lightroom
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