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Application Design

Ideation | Art direction | UI/UX  | Branding

Artiste is an innovative social networking application designed specifically for fine and performing artists, offering a platform to showcase their work and expand their audience. Artiste provides a seamless user experience, empowering creators to produce captivating visual pieces within minutes. The app enables content creators to upload and share their photos and videos through personalized feeds, connecting them with a global audience.

Purple Podiums

This project was part of my undergraduate degree design thesis, I embarked on an independent venture to bring my entrepreneurial concept to life.


It began with extensive research and development, including conducting surveys targeting diverse social age groups. The data collected from these surveys served as the foundation for curating a user flow and building the information architecture of your app. In addition to the technical aspects, I also focused on branding and marketing asset design, ensuring that the project had a cohesive and appealing visual identity.


This involved creating a distinctive brand presence and crafting marketing materials that effectively conveyed the essence of the app.

Furthermore, I designed the website and developed a UI prototype for the application, showcasing your proficiency in both front-end design and user interface development.


The final launch of the project was at the Annual Art Show hosted by Karnataka Chitrakal Parishath in 2021. To create an interactive experience for artists and attendees, I set up a pop-up photo booth, allowing them to engage with the brand first-hand. 

Overall, this thesis project exhibits a holistic approach, encompassing research, development, branding, marketing, web design, and experiential activation. It highlights my skills in conceptualization, strategic thinking, design execution, and the ability to create meaningful interactions with the target audience.

Tools used

  • figma_logo_icon_147289
  • xd
  • after-effects
  • illustrator (1)
  • photoshop
  • indesign
  • photoshop-lightroom
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