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Consumption specialist | Designer

Crafted exceptional user experiences (UX) and user interfaces (UI). By marrying my creative talents and strategic thinking, I developed innovative marketing strategies and created visually stunning dashboards and pitch decks for client meetings.

As a key member of TheMathCompany's "Consumption Specialist " team, I excelled in the role of the Design Analyst.  Merging my creative aptitude with strategic thinking, I spearheaded the development of innovative marketing strategies and produced visually stunning marketing materials, including logos, presentations, product videos, infographics, and internal marketing assets. My contributions directly resulted in a notable increase in tool consumption, underscoring my ability to impact business outcomes. Moreover, I took the lead in solution design, creating essential assets such as user personas, user journey maps, and wireframes, ultimately enhancing stakeholder comprehension.

Tools used

  • figma_logo_icon_147289
  • illustrator (1)
  • after-effects
  • premiere-pro
  • xd
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