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Album relaunch campaign | Art direction

For this campaign, we embark on an enchanting voyage into the ethereal world of IBYEI, a renowned musical duo. Our journey commences with an in-depth exploration of their mesmerizing music, intricate branding, and communication on various social media platforms. It becomes evident that the essence of IBYEI's artistry lies in the profound connection to Lisa and Naomi's spiritual beliefs, sisterhood, familial ties, and symbolic expressions. Recognizing this central theme, we resolve to explore the spiritual dimensions of their music, unraveling the intricate threads that weave together an enchanting tapestry of melody, meaning, and transcendence. 

Tools used

  • figma_logo_icon_147289
  • xd
  • after-effects
  • illustrator (1)
  • photoshop
  • indesign
  • photoshop-lightroom
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